No Police Report, No Rape
Stop the Fake Rape Hustlers

This petition stems from the accusation by E. Jean Carroll against President Trump of raping her around 1996 in a store's ladies changing room. She did not provide an exact date, nor did she report the incident to any store staff, security, or the police via 911 at the time. It was only about 23 years later, during President Trump's term, that she made these accusations public in an article published by NY Magazine in 2019.

Christine Blasey Ford testified against Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, claiming that he raped her 36 years earlier, some time in the summer of 1982.  She did not report the incident to 911, Police, or school officials.  She submitted no evidence. 

Such baseless accusations get popularized by the main stream press, especially if the accused is Republican.   They have significant negative impacts on the accused's reputation and finances. It discourages successful men from running for pubic office. 

We believe that it is crucial for any rape allegation to be accompanied by an official police report within 30 days of the incident occurring. This would ensure that law enforcement agencies have sufficient time and resources to investigate each claim thoroughly and fairly. 

After 30 days it is very difficult for the prosecution or defense to gather evidence for court.  If the victim was kept captive, then the 30 days would start counting after her release to safety.  30 days is a reasonable time for a woman to decide if she has been raped or not.  30 years is unreasonable.

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), only about 230 out of every 1,000 sexual assaults are reported to police. That means about three out of four go unreported (RAINN). While we understand and empathize with the reasons why many victims choose not to report their assaults immediately due to fear or trauma, we also believe that setting a reporting deadline could help protect both parties involved - ensuring justice for victims while protecting individuals from false accusations years after alleged incidents.

We urge lawmakers across all levels of government to consider this proposal seriously - requiring any rape allegation to have an official Police report within 30 days or risk losing the ability ever again make such allegations against the accused party.

Please sign this petition if you agree with our cause and want your voice heard on this matter.


E. Jean Carroll accused President Trump of raping her around 1996 in a store's ladies changing room. She did not provide an exact date. She did not tell any store staff, security, or Police via 911. 30 years later, when President Trump was campaigning, she accused him of attacking her, in an article in NY Magazine. Her inconsistent story hurt Trump's reputation and finances. Women should not be able to accuse a man of rape past the time that the Police could have investigated the claim.

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